Ovulation cycle : what you need to know to get pregnant


To get pregnant, you need to understand how your menstrual cycle works. It will define the timing of your ovulation cycle. That’s why you need to analyze it and understand how it works. It’s important to say that ovulation period depends on your body. It’s specific to each woman.

The rule is the following : at the end of your menstruation, you have to count the days precisely. Ovulation begins on the 14th day before the next menstrual period, on the 14th day of a 28-day cycle and on the 21st day of a 35-day cycle.

These days define the fertility period. However, it’s a general rule. All the metrics are different for all women. It is essential to have a personalized approach.

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The different parts of your ovulation cycle

The time of your menstrual cycle

To determine perfectly your ovulation cycles, you must be interested in your menstrual.

The menstrual cycle is usually 20 days. This is the general rule for all menstrual monitoring applications. But, we recommend not to rely on this information. As we have been told, you have to listen to your body.

It exists menstrual intervals between 23 and 35 days. All intervals depend on your body. Over different months, your cycle can be 26 days. Then, 28 days on the next. It’s the reason why irregular menstruation exists. You have to analyze in-depth and organize you to understand them. If you have some difficulties, please do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals.

The only relevant information you need to keep: the duration between ovulation and the next menstrual period is 12 to 16 days.

Differentiate menstrual periods of the ovulation cycle

The menstrual period is when the chances of having a baby are the lowest. On the other hand, at the end of this period, there is the ovulation cycle. This short period is the best time to get pregnant and to put all the chances on your side.

You need to redouble your efforts during this period and do the right things to get pregnant faster. You have different signs of ovulation in a woman. These criteria will help to understand when you are in this ovulation cycle.

Our advice: Note all the ovulation symptoms to improve your approach and your chances of getting pregnant. Useless ? Absolutely not, you will see it will change your daily life.

Since this period is very short, it is difficult to determine. You can ask you « how many days after your period do you ovulate ? ». To help you, there are now available some tools like an ovulation calculator. They allow you to understand the ovulation signs and adapt your approach.


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Cut all the treatments

Medication treatments have an impact on your body and your cycles, whether menstrual or the ovulation cycle. This is why you absolutely have to stop all medications if you want to get pregnant quickly.

We recommend you to seek advice from your doctor as some are disruptive for your health. Now, if your menstrual periods are no longer regular then the ovulation cycle is impacted. So, it will be more difficult for you to get pregnant.

Also, stop the birth control pill. It blocks your ovulation cycle. It’s therefore essential to stop taking it. Be careful : from this stop you will not get pregnant instantly, there is always some time for your body to eliminate all active agents.

The pill is as you suspect the worst treatment to take for your fertility. Indeed, it’s this pill that dictates your cycles and blocks your ovulation.