When do I need to have sex to get pregnant?

You have decided to have a baby. Congratulations! But you have a lot of questions about how to make it happen. When do you need to have sex to get pregnant? Is there anything particular that needs to be done to make fertilization happen and so on? We will answer all your questions and advise you on how to make the best of it.

 How often do you have to have sex to get pregnant?

Couples who have sex every day or several times a day don’t have more children than others, or have them any easier than others.

Doctors advise that the right rhythm to improve your chances of getting pregnant is to have sex every 48 hours.

Plus, there’s no point in exhausting Daddy. On the contrary, his semen must be given time to be replenished in order to be more concentrated in spermatozoa, which will also be more active.

When is the best time to have sex?

The best time to have sex in order to get pregnant is around ovulation, when the fertilizable egg is expelled by the ovary, then vacuumed through the fallopian tube, ready to be joined with a sperm cell.

Furthermore, as Dr. Shettles explained in his method: having sex according to ovulation date is particularly recommended if you want to have a girl or a boy. Since sperm carrying X chromosomes are slower but more resilient, and sperm carrying Y are faster but less resistant, good timing in conception dates favours one or the other to fertilize the ovum.

To determine your ovulation date, you can use a method such as MyBuBelly, which has modernized Dr. Shettles’ method, and provides you with personal assistance in analyzing your ovulation. Calculating exactly when you ovulate greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Does having an orgasm encourage fertilization?

Some people think that during orgasm, sperm would be strongly propelled and assisted by uterine contractions as they climb to meet the egg.

As a matter of fact, it hasn’t been proven at all and it turns out, according to several studies, that orgasm is not specifically conducive to fertilization. It is therefore not required in order to get pregnant.

However, the desire to be pregnant has been shown to greatly increase your pleasure and this arousal makes you want to do it again, so do yourself a favor!

Which sexual position is the most favourable?

Some positions are frequently recommended by doctors, suggesting that gravity can cause sperm to flow from the vagina. But there is no proven scientific basis for this, so position is not really important.


Fertility specialists have studied this question and confirmed that the ejaculatory stream is the most important aspect. The main requirement in the process is sperm strength and cervical mucus quality, so there is no Kamasutra position to prioritise.


So the best approach is to try any position you want, without worrying about the rest. Above all, you should enjoy yourself and your partner because they will be relaxed. We can’ t stress it enough: your well-being is the best fertility booster!


What should I do after sex?

A common misconception is that you have to elevate your legs after sex to prevent sperm from flowing out of your vagina and to allow more sperm to continue their migration.

However, within two minutes after intercourse, the sperm have already reached the cervix. Just after ejaculation, the sperm has a slimy texture and becomes very liquid, so sperm movements are no longer inhibited. If the woman then gets up at that moment, very liquid semen – let’s not shy away from words – flows out of her vagina, which is almost empty of the vast majority of sperm.


So you don’t need to lift your legs. The best thing is to stay in bed and take the time to cuddle your partner and just enjoy being together.