Boost your fertility thanks to natural methods

There is no miracle solution to boost your fertility. The best way is to listen to your body and metabolism. But, there are little things you can set up in your daily life to put all the chances on your side to get pregnant.

One of the keys to your success is based on your lifestyle. This corresponds to 80% of the work to improve your fertility and to have a baby.


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Improve your lifestyle : the most natural technique to boost fertility

1. Have a sport activity

To boost your fertility, you have to do sports. It allows you to be healthy and therefore your metabolism is willing to be more fertile. We advise you to practice sports once or twice a week. But no more! Too much exercise impacts your hormones and therefore your fertility.

We don’t want to diagnostic a risk of ovulatory or risk of infertility. That’s why you have to cut the dietary supplements. All protein lovers, say goodbye. If you want to get pregnant, we recommend you to take dietary supplements for pregnancy. Prenatals vitamins also could be a good complement for your sportive diet.


2. No more caffeine


To get pregnant faster, your health must be your priority. Your body will not let you to have a baby if you are not in good disposition.  This is why you must absolutely escape stress. Indeed, it compromises your chances of getting pregnant and have a negative impact on your fertility.

You maybe want to increase your fertility ? The most important point is not to harm it. It creates hormonal changes in your body and therefore instead of boosting your fertility, stress will reduce it.

If you don’t get pregnant immediately, that’s normal. It takes time! You have to be patient and not put pressure on yourself. Coffee can influence your metabolism and your heart’s accelerations. This is not positive. Caffeine will make you ultra-speed, all the opposite things to boost your fertility. We recommend you to have a medical follow-up and so have a doctor who knows your desires to get pregnant.


3. Abuse your consumption of foods rich in antioxidants

Foods rich in antioxidants are excellent to boost your fertility. Especially during your breakfast. This is our little trick: your body will ingest these nutrients little by little and improve your chances to get pregnant. One way to boost fertility is to consume zinc and folic acid. Studies show that these elements have an impact on ovaries and sperm.

The MyBubelly method has an excellent method that controls your diet. With the support of nutritionists and professionals, you have access to recommendations and advice based on your personal tastes. This follow-up will increase your chances of having a baby.

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4.Say goodbye to carbs and eat more fibers

For all gourmets, say goodbye to carbs. There are sugar intakes that are too important for your body. This increase in sugar will disrupt your hormones. This effect on them will destabilize your cycles and therefore your fertility.

To balance the sugar that can be found in other foods or present in the cakes you love, eat fibers and adopt new consumption habits. We recommend you to rely on the consumption of virgin olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans.

But be careful, as with everything else, do it in moderation. It’s simple: overconsumption will also destabilize your body. We have to find a perfect balance. And even if you love fibers a lot, make sure to eat it but do it in the most appropriate way possible.


5. Control your weight and cut alcohol

Even if you women are addict at diets, if you want to get pregnant and boost your fertility, forget it ! Your body needs to be as stable as possible to increase your fertility and thus have a baby quickly.

Do not harm your body and remove nutrients that can be effective in your fertility. Of course, this may seem obvious to you but remove alcohol and cigarettes that harm your body