Get pregnant quickly: all blockages to your fertility

When you want to have a baby, it takes time. It often takes a few months to get pregnant. Many women start to panic when they don’t see results. Fertility and cycle checks are therefore carried out. It’s possible, thanks to them, to detect blockages to your fertility and allows you to get pregnant quickly.

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All the blockage to get pregnant quickly

Having a child doesn’t happen as soon as you decide to have one. It takes time. There are fertility blockages.

The impact of psychological blockages on your fertility

It can come from different sources. To control your fertility to have a baby quickly, you have to identify the source so you can be able to solve the problem.

There are various things that can create a blockage to your fertility :

  • The fear of becoming a mother can block your fertility. The psychological side has a big in your body. You may think that you are ready to become a mother and be afraid of not insuring and not succeeding. There is a real syndrome of “I would not be a good mother”. These thoughts influence your body and don’t put your body in the best position to get pregnant quickly.
  • This fear of having a child can also be accompanied by your stress of starting a family. The more you put pressure on you and think that you will not get there, the more your body will reject the idea of having a child. You shouldn’t put pressure on you and think about when you will get pregnant. It will happen at the right time, don’t worry and chill. You also have to consider the fact that it exists male infertility.
  • A trauma from your childhood can be a blockage for your fertility. A complicated relationship with your parents can also be the reason why you have some difficulties to get pregnant.
  • When you face fertility problems, one of the first tips you will hear is to do some fertility tests to check your health. Your results may not detect any fertility problems. The whole problem comes from your psychological state. Actually, you don’t necessarily think every day to the different trials of your life. But the psychological trauma remains and become a real blockage. It impacts your body. Unconscious has a lot of power on your

You may think that minimal things have no impact on your fertility. And yet, there are different types of trauma such as birth after abortion, being born of an unwanted pregnancy or having a conflictual relationship with your parents. These are only examples. Trauma is unique to everyone and depends on your experience and your life.

To solve these psychological problems having an impact on your fertility, we advise you to visit a psychologist, speak with a professional but the most important is to understand the source of your blockage.

Don’t put pressure on you, find an activity and relax. Getting pregnant is a big deal and we understand that you are stressed. But, If you don’t do something to solve your fertility problem, you can’t get pregnant quickly.


Physical blockages have a solution

With medical help, it is possible to detect physical abnormalities and fight your infertility. Here are the terms that you will probably hear if you try to have a baby:

  • polycystic ovaries
  • endometriosis
  • obstructed fallopian tubes
  • irregular menstruation can be a problem. The ideal situation is to have a regular menstrual cycle. The irregularity doesn’t allow you to define the ovulation cycle every month.


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Psychological problems don’t stop you from getting pregnant. It’s difficult but not impossible. There are many treatments to help you to boost your fertility and have a real follow up with your doctor. It’s fondamental to have approaches adapted to your problems. The doctors give you all their tips for having a baby quickly.

With a personalized follow-up made according to the needs of your body, there are natural techniques that boost your fertility. MyBubelly offers a program to put the chances on your side and get pregnant quickly.

Finally, the extreme solution is to consider the surgery or the insemination.