Contraceptive pill: what are the side effects?

To prevent the transmission of diseases during sex or even to avoid becoming pregnant, it’s essential to protect yourself. The known methods are condoms, IUDs or the contraceptive pill. They help regulate hormones, avoid to get pregnant, but most importantly, protect both partners from sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Except that their uses is not without risk. Especially when a woman takes the contraceptive pill. Indeed, the pill can have adverse effects on the female body.

The contraceptive pill has some consequences on the body. We often hear about their benefits and all the advantages you have when you take the pill. But, when you make this choice, it’s essential to know the side effects as well.

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Side effects of the contraceptive pill

Taking the pill can make you fat. You will have more appetite, but it can also cause water retention. If you make the choice of the contraceptive pill as contraception method, don’t be surprised to take a little weight. This is not a fact that has been stated by the doctors or gynecologists. However, it is something that is seen on many people who take the contraceptive pill.

In addition, because pills are hormone supplements, some pills like microdosed pills can create vaginal dryness in some women. It’s important to talk to your gynecologist to avoid these inconveniences. Vaginal dryness can cause fungal infections. You must take them seriously.

Moreover, in recent years, the contraceptive pill has been put in the spotlight because of the repercussions it can have on the psychological side. Some of them cause mood changes and depressions. During menstruation, it’s possible to observe mood jumps in some women. This phenomenon is due to menstrual hormones.

This same phenomenon also occurs with taking the pill. If you take the contraceptive pill, you are taking hormones. This affects the mental state of the person who takes this type of contraception.

Indeed, this contraceptive makes it possible to avoid having children. But, the components can have more far-reaching consequences.


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Beyond these effects, this contraceptive method can cause some inconvenience in everyday life:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Increased hairiness
  • Decreased libido
  • Pain in the breasts
  • Irregular bleeding also called spotting: for all people who don’t know this phenomenon, it’s about irregular blood loss. This is similar to blood spots that can occur outside menstrual periods. They are not serious, but if it happens regularly it’s important to consult your gynecologist to check that everything is fine.

But, it’s possible that the taking of the contraceptive pill causes more troubles. This method can cause cancer especially breast and uterine cancer. To consider taking it, it’s important to check your family history to avoid these situations. You need to speak with professionals about your background to adapt your pill. There are different types of pills on the market. It’s not for nothing.

There is also a risk of venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. So don’t take the pill without having a medical follow-up.

Finally, it’s important not to take the pill for the wrong reasons. Exchange with professionals. You must have a solution that fits your body. If you have the opportunity to avoid taking the pill, it will only be beneficial for you.

For example, we see many cases where the contraceptive pill is prescribed because of acne too strong, irregular or painful menstruation. But, this contraceptive isn’t a solution to this type of problem. On the contrary, taking the pill can cause acne.

It’s fundamental to learn, to know why you want to take the pill, which type is suitable for your body, but especially to consult professionals with a rigorous follow-up.