Sex during menstruation: is it possible?

 Having sex during menstruation is a taboo issue. Everyone has this question, but nobody really dares to ask it. When you think about it, abstinence for a few days isn’t the end of the world. But, it’s unthinkable to taint your relationship during this period of the month when the libido is high and embarrassment takes over.


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Having sex during menstrual periods is possible?

The answer is yes. You can have relationships during the menstruations. No doctor or gynecologist said that sexual relations are prohibited during menstruation. There is therefore no contraindication affirmed by the medical staff.

If you want to have sex during menstruation, you can. However, the woman is more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases (STD). That’s why if you have not been tested for more than 6 months, protect yourself with condoms.

Be careful, the contraceptive pill doesn’t protect against these sexual diseases. If you want to be free and not use condoms, it’s essential to make the screening test.

We take advantage of this article to clarify one idea. Many couples prefer sex during menstruation because they think there is no risk of getting pregnant and have a child. The use of sexual protections is therefore not mandatory. This idea is totally wrong. It’s possible to get pregnant even during menstruation. Indeed, depending on the cycle of each, the menstruation can overlap the ovulation period. For this reason, if you don’t want to have children, the use of a contraceptive remains essential.

Moreover, when we talk about sex during menstruation, some women don’t want to risk and are embarrassed. To avoid this embarrassment that the woman can feel, you have to communicate. The discussion with your fellow will help you understand that you are the only one to put barriers. This is very often the case : the men want. His desire doesn’t disappear despite the menstruation.

To make you as comfortable as possible, our advice is to avoid the first days of menstruation to have sex. Indeed, at the beginning of the period, blood loss can be greater and pain can affect your pleasure. Our solution is to wait until the third or fourth day, when these pains and losses are lower.

But, always prefer sexual positions on the back to prevent the blood flow. And protect your bed. A simple towel fits the bill.

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The effects on your body of sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation is possible. And you can have sex if you want. But, they have an impact on your cycle. No worries, they are safe.

After a sexual relation during your menstruation, you will probably have more bleeding. But, in the end, your cycle will be shorter. So it’s just a matter of timing, your health is absolutely not affected.

In addition, menstruation can dry up the vaginal flora. Penetration can be a little harder than normal. To remedy this, it’s very simple: use lubricant.

In weeks of menstruation, you will also feel a greater desire. Your libido will increase. At this time of the month, don’t deprive yourself. Your body is more sensitive and more receptive. The pleasure during a sexual relation will be greater.

Finally, having sex during your period is beneficial. Beyond the pleasure you will feel, these acts have the power to relieve menstrual cramps. When you have sex, your brain releases endorphin. This hormone is that of pleasure. She sends a message to your body that relieves all the pains you may have.

One more thing : having you menstruation is not dirty. It can dirty your bedding. But that doesn’t make you a dirty woman. Hide this idea from your mind and have fun even during your menstruation if you feel like it.