Folic acid helps to get pregnant

Vitamins have an incredible power to boost fertility. Of these, folic acid is the most important of all, and it is very common for doctors to recommend its use before conception. But what exactly is the action of this vitamin? MyBuBelly reveals everything you need to know about folic acid and how it can help you to get pregnant.


What is Folic acid ?

Folic acid is better known as vitamin B9 or folates. Like vitamin C, it is a water-soluble vitamin, i.e. soluble in water. And like most vitamins, cannot be produced by human body and must therefore be provided by the nutrition.

In the body, folic acid has a variety of important health functions. It contributes to the production of red blood cells and to the functioning of the immune and nervous systems.

It is also involved in cell division and in the repair and production of genetic material (DNA), which is why it is important before and during pregnancy.


The benefits of folic acid before and during pregnancy

Consuming sufficiently folic acid as soon as you plan to get pregnant is essential because it plays an essential role in the baby’s development. For instance, vitamin B9 help to develop the baby’s nervous system, which is formed from the fourth week of pregnancy. MyBuBelly’s nutritionist Raphaël Gruman, who specializes in the nutrition of pregnant women, explains that the purpose of taking folic acid is to “stimulate the development of the foetus and provide it with all the micro-nutrients necessary for its optimal development”. And that whether you want to have a baby girl or a boy,

In practice, it is recommended to start the consumption of your folic acid intake at least 3 months before conception. MyBuBelly, moreover, recommends for this reason, an adapted intake of vitamin B9.

The purpose of taking this supplement is to prevent any folate deficiency, which is very detrimental to the health of the unborn baby. A deficiency in vitamin B9 can :


  • lead to a delay in the growth of the embryo and foetus,
  • significantly increases the risk of premature delivery,
  • in the most serious cases, can cause severe malformations of the child’s nervous system (spina bifida for example).

It should be noted that folic acid would also have a very positive effect on female and male fertility. But it is obviously for its well-known effects on baby’s development that it is strongly recommended before and during pregnancy.


Where to find folic acid?

You can find folic acid in many foods. These include leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach, watercress, salads), offal (you will still avoid liver, whose excess vitamin A can be dangerous for your unborn baby), egg yolk, some fruits (red fruit, bananas, apples, kiwi, melons, oranges and nuts), dried vegetables (lentils) and fermented cheese.

You can also buy folic acid supplements without a prescription in pharmacies in the form of tablet boxes. But it is necessary to remain vigilant and to have the advice of experts for the dosage. Follow the nutrition advice of your MyBuBelly medical coach, and the doses of vitamin B9 recommended by the program to not only boost your fertility, but also choose the sex of your future child in a natural way.

In conclusion, folic acid is an essential ally in getting pregnant because it is good for your future baby’s health, but also yourself. It will help his body functions to develop without inconvenience, while stimulating  your organism to get ready for pregnancy.


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